How to Obtain a Loan for Retired People

10 Apr

Today in Italy we are witnessing the gradual increase in average life expectancy and therefore there are many pensioners. But being retired is not so bad… do you want to know why? Among the advantages that derive from this is the ease with which a loan can be obtained, the so-called Loan for Pensioners. This makes it possible to obtain various benefits that are instead precluded for other individuals who require personal loans.

What is a loan for pensioners?

What is a loan for pensioners?

Loans for pensioners are advantageous financing solutions for so-called over-65s, people who receive a pension and need other liquidity. In most cases, these loans provide more favorable conditions than those provided for by other types of loans for employees.

Why is a loan with a retirement loan?

Why is a loan with a retirement loan?

What makes this type of personal loan safe and stable for both the client and the bank is the repayment method, which provides the institution providing the loan with the guarantee of the return of the money, and offers the pensioner the certainty of a fixed and constant installment for the duration of the contract, so that you can plan your family budget with complete peace of mind. You have the option to repay the loan up to 10 years.

The installment of a loan with a retirement pension is deducted directly from the pension and cannot exceed one fifth (or 20%) of the net pension. These types of loans for pensioners with a salary assignment are regulated by article 13-bis of the law of May 14, 2004 of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, published February 8, 2007.

It must be emphasized that these financing solutions require the possession of some specific requirements for pensioners and the subscription of a life insurance policy in the event of the death of the contract holder.

As was said at the beginning, the contractual conditions provided for the transfer of the fifth of the pension are more advantageous than the loans for employees. In fact, thanks to special agreements between INPS and the numerous credit institutions it has been possible to apply lower interest rates.

If you have read this article and you are not a pensioner but an employee and you still need a loan, find out how you can get it thanks to the transfer of the fifth loan

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